Please join us for an exciting first for the Roanoke Valley.  Reserve your place at the local foods table for the Heritage Chicken Shindig with these two events: 

Wednesday, August 16  5pm  Local Roots Heritage Chicken Shindig Extravanza Dinner

Thursday, August 17  4pm-8pm Inspired Cooking with Heritage Poultry, cooking skill share with Meredith Leigh at the LEAP Community Kitchen Community Room

  Bramble Hollow Farm, Local Roots and LEAP are overjoyed to partner with farmer, butcher, chef and author Meredith Leigh  to bring her expertise about heritage breeds to our area. Leigh is a frequent presenter at the Mother Earth News Fair and Virginia Association of Biological Farming, and author of the book The Ethical Meat Handbook: Complete Home Butchery, Charcuterie, and Cooking for the Conscious Omnivore. This August 16-17, Leigh will be presenting at the Local Roots Heritage Chicken Shindig Extravaganza Dinner as well as the event Inspired Cooking with Heritage Breeds at the LEAP Kitchen.  

     The Wednesday evening dinner at Local Roots Restaurant features a four-course meal showcasing New Hampshire Red chickens that were bred, hatched, grown and processed at Bramble Hollow Farm in Bedford County, Virginia.

    The next day at the LEAP Kitchen, the cooking workshop Inspired Cooking with Heritage Poultry will focus on how to properly prepare a heritage breed chicken and how cooking these birds is different from using industrial breeds. The class will be great for home cooks, chefs, farmers and backyard chicken enthusiasts alike. Additionally, both the Shindig and Inspired Cooking event will discuss the importance of how an animal’s life effects the eating experience 

The Inspiration for the Heritage Chicken Shindig

  For years, Bramble Hollow Farm has been raising heritage breed chickens for Local Roots Restaurant, and in 2017 we began breeding and hatching heritage breed chickens on our farm. Heritage breed chickens are naturally reproducing, historically significant breeds that were mainstays on American farms before the industrialization of agriculture began calling for larger, faster growing, white-feathered meat chickens. 
  It is important for small farms to begin breeding and raising these birds for a number of reasons. Responsible breeding helps preserve American heritage breeds for future generations. Additionally, returning responsible ownership of breeding, hatching, growing, and processing of heritage breeds to the farm helps break the cycle of large hatcheries controlling the future of the chicken on our tables. 
  By creating and growing the market for these unique heritage breeds (we’ve chosen the beautiful New Hampshire Red) to find their way to the dinner table, we have a chance to impact the future of sustainable poultry production in Virginia and the Blue Ridge.

To reserve a seat at the Local Roots Heritage Chicken Shindig Extravaganza Dinner on Wednesday, August 16, please contact Local Roots Restaurant at (540) 206-2610.

To register for the limited seating event Inspired Cooking With Heritage Poultry on Thursday, August 17 from 4pm-8pm, please call Anna Wills at (540) 947.0337 or e-mail

Inspired Cooking registration form 

Please join us in thanking our sponsors: 

Bedford County, Virginia               Sister Nettle B & B​ 
Heritage Chicken Shindig
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