2010  News From The Farm
March 30, 2010:

The first batch of chicks has arrived at the farm!  These cute little chirping, peeping balls of yellow fluff have started their transformation into the tastiest, most nutrient-dense chicken you'll eat!  
Pork by-the-cut now available!

We're happy to announce that we now have pork by-the-cut for sale at the farm 

Our by-the-cut offerings include:

Hot and Mild Italian LinksSpare RibsGarlic Bratwurst
Breakfast Links  Baby Back RibsBulk Breakfast Sausage
Pork Chops  Fresh Bacon      Ground Pork

Some cuts also available at Big Pine Provisions at 501 Campbell Street in Roanoke and
on-line at www.runnerbean.com. 

updated 11.07.10
May 2010:

The heritage breed turkeys are in the brooder keeping warm and dry under heat lamps.  At about six weeks they'll move out to fresh, green pasture until November.  The breeds pictured here are Bourbon Reds, Narragansetts, Black Spanish and one mystery heritage breed (the yellow one)!
June 9, 2010:

Laverne, our favorite sow, has given birth to her third litter of piglets.  Although she has a nice farrowing hut to use, she decided to have her piglets outside in the fresh June air.  She farrowed overnight on Tuesday, June 8 and has ten wriggly piglets to show for her efforts!  Here is a picture of her snoozing with her babies at about twelve hours old.
The turkeys are...well....turkeys!

August 26, 2010:
People aften ask if turkeys really are as dumb as some people say they are.  Let's just say they aren't as cooperative as chickens and pigs certainly have them beat when it comes to smarts. 
The turkeys always have access to fresh pasture and shade and on some days free range completely.  Here's a video of us trying to get them to go into the safety of their poultry netting for the evening.

Heritage Turkeys vs. Wild Turkeys

Our heritage breed turkeys are loud!  They're so loud that their gobbles attracted the attention of a gang of wild turkeys that visited the farm to see what the ruckus was all about. 
 Summer 2010 
Please click on a thumbnail to see the picture.  
Video and Photo Updates 2010
We're proud to announce a new offering for 2011!
Heritage Breed Chickens

We're the only place around for you to find true heritage breed chickens.  This year we raised a flock of Plymouth Barred Rocks and they were such a joy to work with.  Because of their true heritage breed genetics it takes 5 months for these beautiful birds to grow to market weight.  They arrived at the farm in April and hit the lush green pastures in May.  We had planned on day-ranging these birds- keeping them in portable electric fencing and closing them in a hoophouse overnight.  We quickly found that these birds were too smart for that.  They loved foraging for seeds, grubs and grasses and would break out of their fence to free range.  That was fine with us because they still went into the safety of the hoop house at night. The foraging instinct really paid off- the birds dressed out nicely in early October. The five months it took to produce these chickens was well worth the wait.  The heritage breed characteristics lend a wonderful depth to the meat and a flavor that our generation has never known in a chicken.   
We'll have the first batch of heritage breed chickens available June 2011.
Bramble Hollow Farm featured on television news story, 
"Heritage Turkeys in High Demand."

We were honored to be featured on a news story by WDBJ7, the Roanoke CBS-affiliate, about the high demand for quality pastured meat, specifically heritage breed turkeys.  Thanks, turkey customers, for helping make locally-raised pastured meats headline news in Southwest Virginia and for supporting heritage breeds!  Our loud turkeys also made the blooper reel. Click below to watch the videos. 

High Demand for HeritageTurkeys:

Keith Humphry's Bramble Hollow Farm blooper reel:
News From the Hollow
February 10, 2011: Jack helps welcome the Barred Rock and Buff Orpington chicks to their new home in the brooder.  These chicks will live here in the brooder for about 4 weeks and will then go out on pasture.  Many of these birds are headed for the kitchen of Local Roots Restaurant.  Others will be going home to the tables of Bramble Hollow Farm customers. And Jack will be eating his fair share, too! 
2017 Letter from the Farm

Here's what we've been up to and what we're planning for 2017. 

2017 Chicken Days

The link below contains our 2017 Chicken Day schedule and information on how you can reserve chickens and pork for the year.

Click here for our Pastured Poultry and Pork reservation form

​Chickens on the Homestead Creamery Delivery Truck

Now you can enjoy our GMO-free pastured chickens from the Homestead Creamery Delivery Truck.  To find out if the truck delivers to your home or workplace, contact Homestead Creamery.  

Heritage Breed Chickens at Local Roots Restaurant in 2017

We are happy to announce that we will be continuing our partnership with Local Roots Restaurant in Roanoke, Virginia.  We're the exclusive supplier of chickens to the restaurant.  All the chickens are heritage breed New Hampshire Reds, hatched, grown and processed here on the farm.

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