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American Pastured Poultry Producers Association

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

Virginia Association of Biological Farmers 

Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers Association

About The Wills Family

     Bramble Hollow Farm is a small family farm owned and operated by Brent and Anna Wills.  The Wills moved to Montvale in 2004 and began transforming the run-down bramble-covered property into what is now Bramble Hollow Farm.  Starting with a desire to have a backyard flock of egg layers and a few meat birds, the Wills bought 25 chickens in 2005.  Now, thirteen years later, the Wills will raise about 1400 meat chickens, about 20 hogs, and a small herd of cattle on the farm in 2015.  
  Heritage breeds have taken a prominent place on the farm in the past few years and the Wills are proud to begin on an endeavor the hatch on-farm all the heritage breed meat chickens the farm will raise in 2017.

     Bramble Hollow Farm is located on 100 acres in Bedford County.  It is nestled against the Blue Ridge near Boblett's Gap close to the Peaks of Otter.

    Please call to arrange a farm visit or for more information about Bramble Hollow meats. 

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About the Farm
Our Mission

Sustainable farming advocate Wendell Berry says that "Eating is an agricultural act."  It is that feeling and the feeling that farming, too, should be an agricultural act, that guides Bramble Hollow Farm.  Our animals are raised by real farmers, not machines and computers.  We feed them by hand, check on them multiple times each day, and treat them with the care and respect meat animals deserve. 
This personal interaction is only one difference to expect when purchasing your food from a small farm like Bramble Hollow Farm.  You can also expect cleaner, fresher food raised without medications and added hormones.  And you can feel good knowing that your food dollars are supporting local agriculture, small families and sustainable farming practices.  And you can meet your farmers face-to-face and see where and how your animals are raised.